Nov 3, 2010

The Marimekko Quilt

After more than a week without my dear old Pfaff, I'm back in business! This is the Marimekko Quilt I showed in a previous post, now totally quilted and binded. I cut simple squares from those beautiful prints and sew them together in a relaxed way, just trying to distribute the dominant colors evenly. For the back I used a plain strong pink and just added two stripes of pieced leftovers from the top. I usually do this because I like to close the process of making a quilt and I don't like to accumulate odd pieces of fabric. And nothing goes to waste or sits there waiting for that improbable day in the future when I decide to turn all those scraps into something useful. So here it is in its 143 cm x 143 cm glory, all washed, fresh and ready to go! Please email me if you're interested...


  1. My two favorite things; Marimekko and quilting:) I love this, you did a wonderful job!