Oct 19, 2010

Nine Star Quilt Number Two

My second nine stars quilt is now completed, after a nice machine wash to enhance its crinkled goodness. It is perfect for a baby or toddler room: it can be used as a playmat or bed throw. It measures a generous 58 in x 58 in (147 cm x 147 cm). I quilted it more heavily than usual and I am quite happy with the result of brightly colored stars on a pure-white setting, all cotton and fresh. I am afraid my camera does not reproduce exactly the color combination, it is actually nicer than it looks. It is now in the shop, ready to go...

Oct 18, 2010

Self-commissioned baby quilt

This uncomplicated baby quilt was finally handed out on Friday. I had finished it a month ago. It is made of shirt fabric in boyish colors: I just sewed stripes of striped fabric quite spontaneously. The backing is as simple as the top, only the patches are bigger. I wrote the baby’s name on a piece of calico with a pencil and machine embroidered it immediately for the bag: no corrections, no second thoughts. I hope it will be useful in outings and at home as a playmat  because it is bigger than the average crib quilt.
Shirt fabric is soft and totally washable even at high temperatures. I plan on testing it a lot more in future quilts. The final result is so simple and homely it almost makes you smile...

Oct 14, 2010

Simple squares

I was lucky to get a lot of assorted Marimekko fabrics from a good and encouraging friend and finally decided to cut them seriously into a new project. The prints are so bold and the colors so bright that I thought simple squares would do the job. So I've been crawling over a sandwich of top, batting and backing, pin-basting my new quilt. I never seem to have enough pins!

And these are the remains of my day... Bon appetit!

Oct 13, 2010

Almost done...

 Nine colored stars on a pure white setting...
...and the remains of the day.

Nine Patch Baby Quilt Number Two

Here's a special commission for a very special baby. I used the traditional nine patch design and bold Marimekko prints. It turned out quite modern and graphic but still fresh and adequate for a baby. And my beloved dots added the final touch… The Blimunda softie is my offer on personal orders. Don’t hesitate to email me if you wish a particular design or color combination, I love special commissions!

Oct 8, 2010

New baby quilts in the shop

This pyramid of baby quilts and a few more are now in the shop. I just finished these nice calico bags to carry and store the quilts and I am offering one bag as a free gift for each baby quilt purchased.

Oct 7, 2010

A lot of work

Yes, I've been very busy with baby and toddler quilts. I quite enjoy making these small sized quilts for the little ones. I try to avoid the obvious pastels and rather combine lively colors with prewashed calico or white-based fabrics. Children seem to like them as well, and there's always a lot to look at because of all the different prints and the little details. Here are some pictures I wanted to share with you but for the whole lot please visit my shop. And don't hesitate to email me for any questions or special comissions.

New fabric from the USA

Freshly arrived from the USA, waiting to be cut and sewn into new projects. I'm thinking about big bold flowery and geometric hexagons ... Like any quilter, I became quite addict to fabric and I often buy it online. Most times I even get little handwritten cards that I started to collect. It's nice to know there's somebody on the other side.

Oct 6, 2010

Zigzag Quilt Number One

After a while of cutting and sewing lots of colored prints, I craved for black and white. As nowadays I'm happy enough to do as I please, here's the result, The Zigzag Quilt Number One. I noticed that it is not easy to take good pictures very black things and that they tend to look disappointingly greyish. There must be a solution. This quilt is all pre-washed and fresh in my shop. Yes, today is a busy day!

Nine Star Quilt Number One

This is one of my favorite quilts made of soft cotton flower prints in a calico background. It's nice to see how well a very simple traditional star block works. I would put it to use in a nursery to cuddle a baby while singing a lullaby. The back and binding are made of Portuguese cotton flower prints that are becoming less and less available as the textile industry shrinks. The Nine Star Quilt Number One is now available in my shop, all fresh and ready to go.

Crazy Squares Quilt Number One

This lap quilt (160 cm x 160 cm) is the first of the 'Crazy Squares Series'. I made a series of three quilts with this stash of fabric and design because I could mix and match quarters of squares and combine them into twelve different crazy squares. So this quilt will soon have two younger siblings, just like a little family. I feel a little sad to see this one go: it is now pre-washed and fresh in my shop.


I'm thrilled to inaugurate this blog with the announcement of the opening of the blimunda quilts shop on etsy. My friend Maria designed the beautiful label on the photo above. I'm actually quite proud of it!
It all happened so quickly that I didn't have the time to organize a proper celebration today so my family and friends will have to wait just a little bit more for the cake and the bubbles.
I hope you will enjoy visiting this blog and I promise to post regularly on quilting and other quintessential aspects of life. Thanks for visiting!